UPS expands at Ontario Airport

UPS has built a new sorting facility and begun work on expanding its existing building at Ontario International Airport.
The new 416,000 sq ft building processes urgent, time-definite packages and will feature automated sorting capabilities.
Meanwhile, work is underway at the expanded ground sorting facility, which will be retrofitted with automated sorting systems and have twice the package processing capacity.
The existing UPS ground sorting facility will increase in size by around 15% to nearly 900,000sq ft and will process twice the amount of packages per hour as it does at the moment.
The expansion is driven by recent growth in e-commerce and traditional retail businesses. UPS plans to add over 500 new jobs at this location over the next five years and will start hiring in 2018.  Jobs will include delivery drivers and part-time package handlers.
Both facilities’ automated sorting systems are designed to move packages through the sort process capturing package data and routing volume to proper load positions.
Six-sided decode tunnels will replace traditional scanning to capture package information from address labels.
Label applicators will place “smart labels” on packages for local delivery, providing UPS loaders faster instruction of proper loading.

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