Envirotainer adds new Delhi station as India’s pharma industry takes off

Envirotainer has opened a new ULD station in Delhi to expand the number of facilities to a total of 57 and take advantage of India’s growing pharmaceutical industry.
“India is a world player in generic drugs manufacturers and API supplier for decades,” said Suat Toh, head of sales Asia Pacific region.
“With the more stringent regulatory landscape internationally, Envirotainer noticed Indian pharma-manufacturers are continuously improving their cold chain quality management and strengthening the demand for high quality cold chain solution.”
Envirotainer said it would consider expanding the station to offer e-containers in the future. To begin with the facility will offer Envirotainer’s RAP t2 and RKN t2 ULDs.
In the past year the company invested heavily in the Asia Pacific region and recruited new sales to Japan, China, India and Singapore.

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