U-Freight launches shipping platform for Philippines’ e-commerce

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An online shipping platform has launched to serve the Philippines’ e-commerce market, which analysts estimate will be worth $10bn by 2025.

The iShipmore platform, launched by the Filipino partner of the U-Freight Group (UFL), will assist individuals who want to ship items bought online to consignees based in the Philippines.

A U-Freight spokesperson said: “A major reason behind the launch of the new platform is to overcome the problem that individuals who purchase items online for shipment to the Philippines often find that the merchants involved do not offer a delivery service to the country.

“Those who register for iShipmore account gain access to a US or Hong Kong address to which purchases bought online can be delivered, thereby overcoming a common problem that online stores require a US or Hong Kong address to fulfil an order destined for the Philippines.”

Purchases delivered to the address in the US and Hong Kong are then consolidated by U-Freight for delivery via one of its regular airfreight consolidation services that it operates from the US and Hong Kong to the Philippines.

Shipments from the US cost $5.90 per lb with a delivery of five to seven business days from arrival at the US consolidation centre.

Shipments from the Hong Kong consolidation centre are charged at HK$60 per kg with a delivery of three to five business days from the date of arrival in Hong Kong.

The iShipmore platform is underpinned by the proprietary supply chain management software developed by the U-Freight Group for its general logistics activities, which offers full track and trace visibility for registered users, as well as an online payment facility.

U-Freight chief executive Simon Wong said: “Over the last several years, U-Freight has been a pioneer in developing logistics services for the both the B2B and B2C e-commerce market, and has well established partnerships with a number of online shipment platforms including EasyShip and Fulfilled by Amazon.

“Filipinos who wanted to make purchases online, but could not from merchants who did not offer a delivery option to the Philippines, now have a solution that delivers complete shipment transparency, real time shipment updates, plus web and mobile app access for live reporting of deliveries.”

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