DHL continues to invest in e-commerce

DHL Parcel and DHL eCommerce have launched a global e-commerce fulfillment platform and new fulfillment center in the UK.
The logistics and delivery giant said that its new IT platform provides online retailers with access to all its e-commerce fulfillment centres from a single source.
Retailers will be able to integrate the new DHL solution into their webshops and have access to various reporting options in real time to view current order data, or the stock of individual products.     
"This ensures simple and secure data synchronization as well as an easy connection to new business locations or regions since a reintegration is no longer required," the company said.
Meanwhile, the company has also opened a new 6,500 sq m fulfillment centre in Radlett in the UK. The centre will offer same-day processing Greater London area.
It already operated similar fulfillment centres in the US, Mexico, Colombia, Hong Kong, India, Australia and Germany.
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