FTA urges UK government to ensure Brexit position does not disrupt trade

UK shipper and logistics group the Freight Transport Association (FTA) has urged the government to ensure that its final Brexit agreement allows businesses on both sides of the channel to continue to trade freely.
“The time for talk is definitely over,” says James Hookham, Deputy Chief Executive of FTA. “Businesses urgently need a confirmed action plan for how a smooth and efficient Brexit is to be achieved, without the constant political posturing and power grabbing which has dominated the past few days.
"Now is the time for positive moves to enable logistics businesses to plan, prepare and adapt successfully to new trading conditions after March 2019."
The FTA made its call ahead of this week’s publication of the government’s Brexit White Paper. A meeting of the government last week has seen high profile ministers quit their positions, including Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Brexit Secretary David Davis, because they disagree with the proposals.
The organisation wants all parties to ensure that the final agreement will mean that British business can continue to trade efficiently with its continental neighbours once the UK leaves the European Union (EU).
Hookham continued: “Despite plenty of hot air around the topic in recent weeks, businesses could still be faced with the risk of a highly disruptive ‘no deal’ scenario, which could destroy the efficient UK/Europe supply chain which keeps our shops and businesses stocked and running.
"Politicians owe it to companies to provide them with a workable White Paper that will allow positive plans to be made, to protect both trade and the millions of jobs involved in an efficient logistics industry. Political posturing is no substitute for commercial confidence.”
The FTA has produced an eight point roadmap (https://bit.ly/2Ks5Rdz), designed to ensure that the UK’s departure from the EU does not compromise or curtail trade across the Channel.
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