Jettainer gets ISO 9001

Outsourced ULD management company Jettainer has gained ISO 9001 certification following an extensive audit of its quality management systems by Technical Inspection Agency, TÜV.
Experts inspected operating processes, communications, customer satisfaction, complaints and documentation departments. As an external service provider, Jettainer operates and manages the world’s largest container and pallet fleet for 16 airlines.
Head of marketing, Martin Kraemer, explained: “As a services provider, we’re always seeking to improve our customer operations. That’s why the ongoing development of structures and processes with regard to achieving a greater focus on our customers plays a vital role for us. We want to reinforce this aspiration by means of this certification.”
The certification is valid for two years and relates to the corporate head office in Raunheim near Frankfurt. The next audit is scheduled for 2016, with new certification due in the following year.
For the future, Jettainer wants to speed up the processing of complaints and also develop preventative measures relating to ULD damage. 

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