New study to monitor horse wellbeing in air travel

Signing event in Budapest

CHAMP Cargosystems is partnering with the Animal Transport Association (ATA) and data logger supplier Arioneo in a study to monitor horses’ wellbeing while they are travelling by air.

The study will provide scientific data that will not only make it possible to better understand shipping-related incidents, but will also improve all animal safety and wellbeing during flight.

The ground-breaking research, undertaken with the University of Bologna, will monitor a horse’s health in flight using a range of measurements, including heart rate, respiration and temperature.

A Memorandum of Understanding will guarantee improved data-capture and development of the solutions in support of the two-year study in collaboration with the university, which aims to show what actions can be taken to improve the wellbeing and safe transportation of animals.

Earlier this year, CHAMP joined with ATA to exchange and develop a close partnership with experts involved in animal transportation and work on next generation information systems together.

The University of Bologna has, in collaboration with members of the ATA, developed an extensive questionnaire and monitored various live transports to gather large amounts of data for a basis of the study.

Data will be collected and transmitted via Arioneo’s data loggers recording horse vital signs. This information is communicated to the pilot and groom on their mobile devices with CHAMP’s data communication capabilities.

It will provide an information flow and data that allows the tracking and monitoring real-time the safety and wellbeing of the animal transported.

The application – which is currently used for training and monitoring of the wellbeing of horses on the ground – will allow for the crew and groom to take preventive actions making sure that horses are checked at the right time.

A full report of each horse will be available after every flight, allowing trainers and owners to learn from the experience and prepare better for the next journeys.

ATA president Filip Vande Cappelle said: “The Animal Transportation Association is dedicated to the improvement of animal wellbeing within the logistics industry.

This study aims to create high standards for animal transportation, as comfort and safety of the precious animals are our number one priority.

“This unique partnership with CHAMP and Arioneo will ensure that we will not only have the tools to improve animal welfare, but also the data to support it.”

Arnaud Lambert, CHAMP Cargosystems chief executive, said: “Animal wellbeing is at the core of such a defining study and technology can play a significant role.

“CHAMP’s innovation lab took the challenge head on to fulfill this need to ensure safe and efficient transportation for animals while improving airline safety.

“We recognise that these joint efforts not only give value to animal welfare, but also the capabilities of our technology in application to delicate or sensitive cargo – whatever it may be.”

Arioneo chief executive Erwan Mellerio said: “Horse health and safety is paramount to Arioneo. The results of this study will have lasting effects on the way airlines and animal transporters look at travel.

“Our partners’ efforts in pushing the boundaries of the technologies available today will shed new light for best practices, ensure safety for the animals and staff and the functionality of the technologies themselves.”

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