Unilode closer to digitalising its ULD fleet

Unilode has taken a major step towards digitalising its entire ULD fleet after developing an integrated digital solution in partnership with Palnet.

The solution minimises the risk of damage or loss of the digital tag and does not obstruct daily operations or interfere with pallet stacking, say the companies.

Unilode is a leading global provider of outsourced Unit Load Device (ULD) management and repair solutions and PalNet is one of the leading ULD manufacturers.

Unilode’s digital technology is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5, enables ULD tracking and measurement of temperature and shock.

The solution will be introduced to Unilode’s entire ULD fleet, starting Q2 2019, and is also available for non-Unilode customers.

All existing PalNet pallets, including heavy duty pallets, can be retrofitted with the integrated digital solution. Pallets can also be acquired ex-works with a pre-installed tag.

Benoît Dumont, Unilode chief executive, said: “We are confident that we can deliver a durable, superior and DO-160 conform product to the aviation industry, which will not only enhance ULD management operations, but also add value throughout the supply chain. We are pleased to have developed this solution in collaboration with PalNet.”

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