FedEx opens flagship Asia hub

FedEx has opened its US$79m South Pacific regional base.

The 282,700-square-foot integrated facility at Singapore’s Changi Airport will serve the Singapore market and serve as a trans-shipment point for Asia Pacific cargo in and out of Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia countries.

FedEx say they have set up unique fast track customs facilities and, thanks to its proximity to the tarmac, they claim it can take as little as four minutes to get mail from an aircraft and onto a sorting machine, which can process 12,000 items in an hour.

Karen Reddington, regional vice president, South Pacific, FedEx Express, says: “This new hub reinforces FedEx long-term commitment to Singapore, where we already have our Asia Pacific Data Centre and Financial Services Centre. It also underpins our support for Singapore’s aim to be a leading air cargo hub in the region.

“Recent reports indicate that more US companies may increasingly shift their investments or businesses from traditional manufacturing markets to ASEAN; and Singapore’s strategic location lends itself to being an important hub for such global trade.

“The enhanced efficiency the FedEx South Pacific Regional Hub brings to our operations is designed to provide our customers with greater, faster and more reliable access to regional and global trade opportunities.”

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