SDV strengthened

HERBERT de Saint Simon has been appointed chief executive of Bolloré Logistics and president of daughter company SDV International Logistics.
In the new arrangement, a strengthened freight forwarding organisation has been created within the Bolloré Logistics division to enhance the development of synergies between SDV, the group’s global brand, SAGA, a major player in France, and Nord Sud and Transisud, companies also located in France.
“Our group is among the top 10 leading transport and logistics providers in terms of revenue and is one of the best in terms of profitability," he says. 
"We are continuing our profitable growth strategy by investing in our ability to implement global supply chain solutions: through integrated services, an information system offering end-to-end visibility and total control of the supply chain, upstream or downstream platforms for intercontinental flows and the expertise of our employees.”
The French company has recently acquired two businesses in Italy and Switzerland, created subsidiaries in Colombia and Norway and is also looking at the same type of operations in the Middle East, the United States and Brazil.
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