Bolloré and Antonov Airlines move Airbus satellite from France to US

By Rachelle Harry

Bolloré Logistics recently teamed up with Ukraine-based Antonov Airlines to move Airbus Defence and Space’s newest ‘ANASIS-II’ satellite to the USA.

The satellite was transported from Airbus Defence and Space’s facility in Toulouse, France, to Florida’s Cape Canaveral Kennedy Space Center in the US, with one of Antonov’s seven Antonov-124-100 aircraft.

The container used to deliver the satellite measured 11 m in length and weighed 18 tonnes — and the entire shipment, including the launch equipment, weighed 36 tonnes.

“In addition, the operation gave Bolloré Logistics and Antonov Airlines the opportunity to trial a new lightweight, low-profile loading equipment which was specially designed and manufactured by Antonov to transport the satellite,” a spokesperson from Bolloré Logistics said.

Andriy Blagovisniy, commercial director at Antonov Airlines, commented: “We thank our valued partner Bolloré Logistics for trusting Antonov Airlines with such responsible air transportation, which continues our long-term cooperation. The successful and smooth performance of this flight was the result of well-coordinated teamwork between all parties involved.”

Yorann Marc, aerospace project department manager at Bolloré Logistics in Toulouse, which organised the shipment on behalf of Airbus Defence and Space, said: “Once again Antonov Airlines demonstrated its high technical level and we are always confident in their capacity to move safely our most sensitive cargo in due time. Bolloré Logistics is proud to have reliable partners like Antonov Airlines for common successful highly specific transportations.”

“I would also like to sincerely thank the teams of Bolloré Logistics Miami for making this challenging shipment such a success.”

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