AirBridgeCargo transports nine racehorses with minimal wait times

By Rachelle Harry

AirBridgeCargo (ABC) Airlines has successfully delivered nine racehorses from Moscow in Russia to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, onboard a Boeing 747-8F scheduled flight.

A crucial contributor to successful animal transportation is a minimised waiting period – within warehousing premises, on the apron, and before and after loading/offloading. ABC specialists did their best to shorten before-the-flight standard procedures and to set the required environmental conditions during the flight.

Fedor Novikov, deputy general director, special products and services, at ABC, said: “Equine transportation stands apart from other animal transportation, because we are dealing with precious live cargo whose wellbeing and comfort influence sporting success. Our dedicated ‘ABC care’ team, with well-set operational processes in place, guaranteed a safe journey for the animals, which partially facilitated the results in their sporting event.”

“It is a great experience to be flying to another country with your horse being your ‘fellow passenger’,” said Tatyana Kosterina, the rider of Diavolessa, an 11-year-old racehorse. “I was able to check on the horse during the flight, and feed and water it if needed. Air transportation is the most preferred mode of transportation for the journey, because we can cover the distance within several hours and without my horse experiencing travel sickness, as is the case when it is transported by road.

“After several adaptation days we were able to take part in our race completion and we won second place.”

With the development of new technologies and the deployment of sophisticated aircraft that are capable of creating favourable transportation conditions, such as temperature range, special containers and ULDs, and cargo groom option, the air cargo industry is becoming more popular and a more preferred mode of transportation for live animals. With the introduction of a live animal’s dedicated team ‘ABC care’, AirBridgeCargo has been aligning its product offering to increase the market share in the equine business from various regions of the world.

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