Air Charter Service lands sweet flight

Charter company Air Charter Service landed a pretty sweet deal last week when it arranged to fly 100 tonnes of confectionery to re-stock a warehouse in Peru.
The urgent shipment from Mexico took place when a warehouse storing sweets was burnt down, with most of the company’s stock damaged in the fire.
The charter firm said the operation proved to be a bit sticky because of a lack  of spare slots at Mexico City.
Richard Thompson, president of ACS Americas, explained: “Due to strict slots for cargo flights at Mexico City (there is only a six hour window every day), a little more planning had to go into the loading than with a regular charter.
“We needed to make sure the aircraft departed on time to ensure minimal disruption to the Peruvian supply chain and we managed to complete the operation well within the client’s timetable.”
Thompson added that emergency food flights were not that unusual: “Charter flights with food are fairly commonplace, before now we’ve flown in extra turkey for Thanksgiving, flour to a tortilla factory, burgers for a well-known fast food chain and ham to Puerto Rico – because they’d run out.”
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