Brazil and Chile added to Pelican cold-chain logistics

Pelican BioThermal, the temperature-controlled packaging specialist, has added Brazil and Chile to its cold chain network.
It has announced partnerships in Latin America with BioThermal Solutions of Chile and NatBio of Brazil.
Kevin Lawler, vice president of worldwide sales at Pelican BioThermal, said: “With the continued growth of the global healthcare cold chain logistics market, it is important that we are able to offer customers asset management solutions that make sense for the complex shipping lanes required for their business.”
Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, NatBio was created to meet the growing demands of specialised clinics and provides differentiated products through logistic and distribution.
BioThermal Solutions, based in Santiago, Chile, which offers Pelican BioThermal solutions exclusively, provides cold chain maintenance solutions throughout Chile.
BioThermal Solutions general manager Darwin Cueva Rosillo said: “The Chilean market is price-conscious, but as consumers become familiar with the enormous advantages of using a reusable Pelican BioThermal Crēdo Cube shipper, they realise the great advantage this product gives over their competition.”
NatBio also sees a competitive advantage to be gained as a result of partnering with Pelican BioThermal.
NatBio executive director Fabio Marins said: “In Brazil, broad temperature variations, custom processes between states and poorly maintained highways often create delays.
“Because of this, cold chain logistics distribution of expensive and valuable pharmaceutical drugs often has to resort to delivery via more costly airfreight.” 

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