Marken chooses OnAsset for pharma tracking

Marken, the clinical logistics specialist, has entered into an exclusive agreement to use OnAsset Intelligence’s GPS tracking device on key shipments.
OnAsset said that the device would  “significantly improve” Marken’s real-time, track and trace capability via custom-designed software.
The pharma and life sciences supply chain company will use the OnAsset device to track high value clinical trial drug substances and drug products which are increasingly derived from sensitive biologic material.
Marken said that it will offer clients “a continuous, shipment-specific device which will track the location of each shipment in real time”.
It continued: “In addition to reporting its location, the device will report its temperature, motion & shock, light exposure (open box), atmospheric pressure and remaining battery life.”
Marken will also offer geo-fencing at all airports, and can customise geo-fence waypoints and status updates for each validated shipping lane. The device transmits in real time and communicates through customized cloud based software.
The device and software are protected by over 15 approved patents and is approved for use on more than 40 airlines.
Marken’s chief executive, Wes Wheeler, said: “Marken believes that by offering this state-of-the-art tracking device, we have taken an important and necessary step which guarantees the safe delivery of each drug shipment. Marken is committed to providing the latest technology available, and we believe we have found it with OnAsset.
“Our agreement with OnAsset also comes at an important time in our industry, where GDP compliance is becoming a mandate in our industry. It also allows us to comply with recent updates to Annex 15 in Europe.”
Adam Crossno, OnAsset Intelligence chief executive, stated: “Being part of the Marken team  that is providing a holistic suite of services that offers compliance with global regulations, security and real time validation for such important shipments is game changing.
“We look forward to showing the world the combined power of real time technology and logistics service excellence.”
Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals Conference 2015

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