New pharma transport community launched

A new pharma logistics community has been launched that aims to help supply chain participants collaborate to improve transport services for medical goods.
The new Team-up community was launched at IATA’s AirPharma conference in Brussels by founder Alan Kennedy, who also represents several pharma logistics service providers in a PR role.
"With the huge challenges it is facing, the pharmaceutical logistics sector faces a very uncertain future unless it is prepared to abandon its traditional silo thinking and practices in favour of a more collaborative approach," Kennedy said.
"The advent of the Team-up integration framework will help accelerate the changes needed and open the doors to faster, more equitable, more systematic supply chain integration. There is no longer any excuse for inertia."
"Modelled around proven supply chain models from other sectors, Team-Up has been conceived as a hands-on, interactive community with all corporate participants committed to following agreed collaborative principles, all committed to a programme of continuous collaborative improvement and all having access to a shared repository of collaborative tools, templates and advice," a press release stated.
The organisation stressed it was an independent best-practice body that is not financed by, nor does it represent, the interests of any third party.

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