va-Q-tec expands into Singapore

Temperature-controlled shipping container specialist va-Q-tec has further added to its presence in Southeast Asia with the launch of a new business in Singapore.
Amongst other product lines, Va-Q-tec offers thermal insulation and airfreight containers designed for pharmaceutical shipping.
It also has subsidiaries already in South Korea and Japan and, the company said, “The goal is to increase commitment in the APAC [Asia Pacific] region and answer to the demand for high-performance solutions and products in the temperature-controlled supply chain industry.”
va-Q-tec offers a fleet of globally available rental containers and boxes that meet demanding thermal protection standards under its TempChain umbrella.
“Singapore and the whole region with its hot and humid weather conditions is one of the most challenging temperature environments for TempChain transportation on the globe,” a statement pointed out.
“By opening a site and a TempChain service centre in Singapore, va-Q-tec broadens its TempChain Service Network and product offering in the region, together with local partners such as Singapore Airlines, Japan Airline and Cathay Pacific Airlines,” it added.
More than 30 of the world’s leading pharmaceutical technology firms have offices and manufacturing plants in Singapore, va-Q-Tec noted.

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