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Over the last couple of months, air cargo demand has been rapidly growing all around the world – according to the International Air Transport Association. Compared to a sharp decline in 2019, it is now strongly outperforming passenger traffic due to the pandemic. Air cargo is even expected to grow by 8% in revenue this year, compared to a 61% drop for passenger revenue.

With so many flights on demand, companies are now looking for the fastest and cost-effective way to transfer their goods and continue global trade post-pandemic. That’s why empty one-way cargo flights are the best option to ensure that all shipments reach their destination on time and on a budget.

What is air cargo?

Air cargo is a term used for air freight. It is an efficient transfer and shipment of goods via air carrier, which may be charter or commercial. Although it can be up to five times the cost compared to transporting the goods by road, and up to 16 times the cost of sea transport, air cargo transports over 5 trillion euros worth of goods, making up for around 35% of world trade by value.

These type of aviation services are especially valuable when it comes to transferring express shipments worldwide, like humanitarian aid. Due to quick supply chain solutions, vaccines can reach their destination in time to be effective. According to the World Health Organisation, immunisation programs prevent up to 3 million child deaths each year. That’s why air cargo is critical because it can transfer these temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals in the best condition and it can do it fast.

Although humanitarian aid cargo transfer may seem like the most significant one in these unprecedented times, there’s much more to it. Companies like Chapman Freeborn, the global aircraft charter specialists, work with clients who require transferring heavy equipment and all other types of freight.

What is a one-way air cargo availability?

When someone charters a cargo flight, it’s not always flying fully loaded with goods. If the aircraft is not at the desired location for the customer or after reaching the customer’s destination the next flight charter is unlikely to depart from that same location, the plane has to fly without any cargo on board. This part of the journey is usually called an ‘empty leg’.

That doesn’t mean that these kinds of flights can’t be utilised for other cargo enquiries. To reduce the costs of relocating the aircraft, charter companies can offer these empty flights to clients who can make use of the situation for a cheaper price. Although, the destination, aircraft type, and departure date and time will be predetermined as opposed to a real chartered flight where the customer gets to decide.

When the COVID-19 virus hit the world at the end of last year, many cargo companies have experienced one of their busiest seasons ever. For example, China Airlines’ cargo revenue was up by 153% in May 2020. This creates a perfect opportunity for operators and brokers to provide more affordable cargo flights for new clients, which in return creates a new source of income for both parties.

Cheapest option for air freight transportation

If an aircraft charter company or a broker can find another customer for an empty one-way cargo flight, they can offer a better and cheaper price for the new client. Meaning, that if you are flexible when it comes to the destination and time, chances are high that you can book a cost-efficient one-way flight that fits your schedule. Empty leg flights can be up to 70% cheaper than a regular cargo flight, but the price will depend on several factors.

When it comes to privately chartered cargo flights, the number one rule is, the longer the flight, the higher the price. Your destination and the length of the flight will have one of the biggest impacts on the cost of this service since the charter companies have to cover the price of fuel and maintenance. Another important factor is the airport fees. Charter companies have to pay for landing, parking, handling and service fees, so a specific destination can have a big impact on the price.

Depending on your destination, there are empty one-way cargo flights all around the world. One of the leading international cargo charter companies, Chapman Freeborn, are offering regional and international flights 24/7.

Find out more here: https://chapmanfreeborn.aero/en/cargo-air-charter/

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