Technology helps CharterSync thrive

By Rebecca Jeffrey

Source: CharterSync

Technology is helping digital air cargo charter company CharterSync thrive.

CharterSync director and co-founder Simon Watson said: “Our biggest challenge is making sure that we invest into our technology because it is our USP (unique selling point).”

He confirmed: “We have quite big plans to build on top” of the current technology, but these are top secret for now.

The company, which combines aircraft tracking technology with aircraft performance algorithms, is currently building up a team of senior hires to bring experience to this technology.

“Because we’re building technology in-house, we feed staff experience into our technology so that it’s fit for purpose,” Watson said.

CharterSync currently works with external technology developers but over the next year or so it will be bringing that development resource in-house to better suit potential complex integrations with other third parties.

The critical goals for CharterSync are to invest in technology and continually innovate.

“I think our biggest risk could be that we don’t innovate or iterate quickly enough. As a start-up you’re continually pivoting,” said Watson.

“That’s where we could fall down. Because then a new entrant can come into the market to compete with us and be ahead of the game. There’s always someone who has deeper pockets.”

Read the full CharterSync feature in Air Cargo News’ November Monthly Exclusive email.

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