Skyport and ACS help keep automotive supply chains moving

By Roger Hailey

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Czech cargo handler Skyport has helped transport urgently needed automotive spares from Poland to Spain via Prague Airport on six separate flights operated by Air Charter Service (ACS).

Over two weeks, Skyport handled more than 11 tonnes of automotive parts destined for Girona–Costa Brava Airport, using both ATR-42 and Saab 340 aircraft.

“We’ve been working with ACS for some time now and during the past month our co-operation has been very intense, with six different orders being accommodated,” said Skyport chief executive David Adamek.

“Our successful collaboration has been of key importance in ensuring global automotive production continued uninterrupted.”

For each shipment, the motor parts were transported from Poland to the Czech Republic via truck and were already in transit at the time Skyport’s help was enlisted to prepare the cargo at Prague for its onward flight.

The cargo handler provided express cargo handling services at its Prague Airport station, managing to process the exported goods within two hours of receipt.

It took approximately six hours from the first point of contact with Skyport to the flight departing from Prague.

ACS managing director James Fitzgerald thanked Skyport for its assistance on these flights: “it is a pleasure to have an agile, reliable, and effective handling partner in the centre of Europe.

“We couldn’t have done it without Skyport’s help at Prague Airport and we look forward to more successful collaboration with the team in the future.”

ACS and Skyport’s collaboration ensured that the spare parts arrived in Spain in time to prevent disruption to the car manufacturing supply chain.

Skyport, which was acquired by infrastructure investment firm Ventus and Singapore-based company Sky Logistica last year, processes more than half of all air cargo passing through Prague airport, has been serving the automotive industry for 15 years, handling both spare parts and complete cars.

Skyport also operates in Slovakia at both Bratislava and Košice airports. 

Earlier this month, ACS said it has arranged Ukraine crisis relief flights to Poland and Moldova.

ACS continues to arrange relief flights for Ukraine refugees

Cargo handler Skyport changes hands

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