ECS Group adopts CHAMP’s Cargospot SaaS version

CHAMP Cargosystems and ECS Group have signed a new Cargospot contract, continuing a relationship which began in 2002, when the original contract was signed.

The new contract is based on the latest Software as a Service (SaaS) version of CHAMP’s vastly improved Cargo Management Application, Cargospot.

Cargospot brings “better service, better technologies, better opportunities”, according to Nicholas Xenocostas, vice president commercial & customer engagement at CHAMP Cargosystems.

ECS Group’s new Digital & IT teams and CHAMP have worked together over the past three years on customizing Cargospot to fulfil ECS process requirements.

Traxon cargoHUB, Traxon Global Customs (TGC), and Traxon Global Security (TGS) were also adopted by ECS Group during this time, to extend the GSSA’s product offering to airlines and forwarders.

Chris McDermott, chief executive at CHAMP Cargosystems, explained: “We have enjoyed a long cooperation with ECS Group, which has an excellent understanding of how to apply technology to increase process efficiencies and gain powerful insights upon which it bases intelligent business decisions. CHAMP has been thrilled to collaboratively meet the complex challenges that such a large GSA faces in providing smooth operations across the globe.

“Today’s renewal of our contract is testament to a partnership built on trust, reliability, and innovation. We are delighted to continue to play a fundamental part in ECS Group’s future growth and digital strategy.”

Cédric Millet, CSDO at ECS Group, commented: “ECS Group is pleased to adopt the SaaS version of CargoSpot, and we look forward to collaborating on further promising technical and functional opportunities to pursue our cloud digital transition.

“CHAMP’s Cargospot is an important component of the digital ecosystem we have created, and interfaces with the many state-of-the-art digital solutions that have been built by our own Cargo Digital Factory.”

For ECS Group, aside from Cargospot’s greater stability, better performance and availability, its newest functionalities will help support the company’s comprehensive digital transformation as CHAMP’s Cargospot is integrated in the Group’s cloud strategy.

Transitioning to the new interface (UX) will further improve user experience. Cargospot is a core component of ECS Group’s IT landscape.

As such, the ECS Group’s in-house developed tech solutions, such as its Apollo reporting system, Quantum pricing system, and PathFinder Track & Trace system, have enabled the capability to smoothly interface with Cargospot, bringing users an overall state-of-the-art digital experience.

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