ACL opens new Greenville facility

Last Friday, ULD firm ACL Airshop held an opening ceremony marking the opening of the doors on a new manufacturing facility at Greenville, South Carolina.

ACL Airshop manufactures, sells, leases, repairs and logistically manages ULD fleets for airlines. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ranger Airshop Holdings, Inc, an aerospace consolidation platform created by Ranger Aerospace and its four major institutional investment partners.

The new ACL Airshop factory is sited on Park Commerce Road, Greenville. It represents the latest step in ACL Airshop’s growth, the company having doubled in size over the course of the last three years.

Its fleet of air cargo pallets and containers has doubled, from under 25,000 units to over 50,000 and continues to increase. It has also doubled its service footprint to take in more than half of the world’s top 100 cargo hub airports.

Steve Townes, chief executive of ACL Airshop and founder of Ranger Aerospace, commented: “We could have outsourced this entire expansion to lower cost overseas locations, but instead we made a deliberate decision to build and grow right here at home.

“All around the world, we are continuously improving ACL Airshop with better capacity, upgraded facilities, new technology and logistics systems offerings, and other enhancements for our many scores of airlines customers.”

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