Dnata rolls out Descartes’ Bluetooth readers for ULD tracking

Cargo handler dnata is deploying Descartes’ Bluetooth low energy (BLE) readers to enable the tracking of cargo across its network.

Descartes Core BLE readers capture the movement of ULDs that have been equipped with either a Descartes or third-party BLE tag.

Shipments can be tracked with the Descartes core ULD tracking solution, and sensor-based information such as the ULD’s temperature, movement and humidity can be monitored.

“This data, combined with forecasting of asset location requirements, helps carriers reduce ULD fleet losses, better match capacity with ULD inventory and reduce the costs associated with misplaced equipment or the requirement to lease additional ULDs,” Descarte said s in a statement.

“We rely on best-in-class facilities and state-of-the-art cargo handling technologies to provide over 150 airlines with premium services for approximately 3 million tonnes of cargo annually,” said Guillaume Crozier, divisional vice president of operations and product development at dnata.

“The innovative Descartes solution is expected to help us further improve service efficiency as we move customers’ cargo smoothly from one destination to another, tracking its progress in real-time the entire way.”

Scott Sangster, vice president, global logistics service providers at Descartes, added: “We’re pleased to help dnata provide customers with complete visibility into their ULD assets by introducing global ULD tracking across its cargo warehouses. 

“Our solution allows air cargo handling agents to increase the value of their network and the overall reach of BLE-enabled tracking locations worldwide, which contributes to more efficient air cargo logistics.”

Dnata’s recent partnership with Unilode will also see its ULDs and warehouses equipped with Bluetooth technologies.

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