Jettainer invests in digital-twin tech for ULD fleet

ULD management firm Jettainer is investing in digital-twin technology with the creation of digital counterparts for all Unit Load Device (ULD) within its fleet.

The digital twins are virtual representations of each of the company’s 100,000 ULDs. Jettainer said this provides access to all relevant information at a glance and can be used as the basis for automated decision-making.

Jettainer head of operational excellence supply chain Gert Pfeifer said: “With our setup of digital twins we can automate workflows and support our teams around the world to make better decisions – faster.”

Each digital twin processes data from three main sources: JettWare –  Jettainer’s steering and tracking system, Jettainer’s asset database and its repair flow management.

The data stored about each ULD includes: the unique identifier, the exact type and specifications, the manufacturer, the date of manufacturing and purchasing.

All past steering and repair events, repair specifics and real-time information on condition, status and location are also stored.

Jettainer uses this information to make decisions on steering, positioning and storage of ULDs, deciding on the extend of repairs or identifying the ideal end-of-life time with the scrap of a unit.

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