Jettainer teams up with trilatec on weight-saving tech

By Damian Brett

ULD firm Jettainer has teamed up with trilatec to offer a lightweight pallet load distribution system that weighs around 80% less than the current way of working.

The trilatec squAIR-timber system, which is made of cardboard fibre, aims to replace the wooden planks often used for load distribution on airfreight pallets.

The resultant weight saving of around 80% leads to significant reductions in fuel consumption and helps to reduce CO2 emissions in air traffic, the partners said.

Each metre of the material carries up to 5 tons with a tare weight of only 1.2 kg. In comparison, the tare weight of wood is 3-4 kg per metre.

In addition, squAIR-timber consists of 100% recycled material, is cost-effective and can easily be disposed of with paper waste.

The deal sees Jettainer become the exclusive sales partner for the product.

Andreas Langemann, managing director of trilatec, said: “The sales co-operation for our product squAIR-timber offers us optimal access to airlines worldwide. A major advantage is that addressing potential customers through or together with Jettainer enables us to place our product with exactly the right contacts within the airlines.”

Thomas Sonntag, managing director of Jettainer, added: “We were enthusiastic about squAIR-timber right from the start. It perfectly fits into our portfolio of innovative solutions in the area of loading equipment and their control and adds to our corporate claim of sustainable logistics.”

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