Jettainer to help standardisation of ULD processes

Jettainer is to help further the development of international standards for handling air cargo containers, unit load devices (ULD).
Michael Popp, Jettainer’s director of operations at the outsourced ULD management company, will take part in IATA’s designated ULD Panel and has joined the board of the organisation ULD Care.
Popp will help work on the further development and standardisation of ULD processes. As a first activity, Jettainer joins the ULD Care conference, which will take place next week (August 31 to September 3) in Bangkok.
“It is a privilege to be able to directly contribute to the design of worldwide ULD processes. The specification and realization of adequate standards for the professional handling of ULDs holds versatile potential for the increase of efficiency,” says Popp.
ULD Care has developed out of IATA and advocates the efficient and suited handling of ULDs by specially trained staff.
In addition, ULD Care manages a control system for ULDs, which allows its members an overview of the movements and demurrage of containers and pallets.

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