‘Lucky ULD’ completes world tour

Jettainer’s ‘Lucky ULD’ has completed its year-long journey round the world to raise awareness of the importance of handling Unit Load Devices correctly.

Staff moving the special ULD Care Code of Conduct-branded container during its 86 flights in 18 countries were reminded of the ten golden rules of ULD handling, ensuring it arrived back in excellent condition.

“Putting huge emphasis on the proper handling of ULDs as well as training and qualifying the staff adequately is the key influencing factor to prevent damages from happening,” explained Frank Mühlenkamp, director global operations at Jettainer and ULD Care board member. “In this way, it is possible to save repair costs and keep the assets in service.”

For some time, Jettainer has been making a special effort to train staff to become so-called ‘ULD-X-Perts’  and as a further step to ensure proper handling of ULDs, Jettainer has entered into a cooperation with Airport College International. This organisation provides a complete online training service for airlines, airport ground handling agents and logistics in safety, security and service topics.

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