New generation of ULD mover launched

By Damian Brett

Hubtex X-Way Mover

Hubtex and Dimos have teamed up to launch a new version of the X-Way Mover, which is used to transport ULDs around air cargo facilities.

The new generation of the product range includes the X-Way Mover 140 and the smaller X-Way Mover 70.

The X-Way Mover 140 has a maximum load capacity of 14,000 kg and is specially designed to handle 20 ft ULD containers.

The transport vehicle was designed for both indoor and outdoor use and is therefore equipped with soft elastic tyres.

The vehicle is 7,625 mm in length, 4,760 mm in width and 3,282 mm in height with a platform width of 2,500 mm.

The transfer height of the platform can be adjusted to between 200 mm and 7,200 mm by means of a new mast system.

Meanwhile, the smaller X-Way Mover 70 has a maximum load capacity of 6,800 kg.

Since this vehicle specialises in the handling of 10-ft  ULDs, the outer dimensions of 4,563 x 4,600 x 3,282 mm are significantly reduced. The platform width remains 2,500 mm. 

The companies claim the X-Way Mover speeds up the handling of ULDs because the transport vehicle single-handedly takes on the tasks of the truck dock, transfer vehicle, elevating transfer vehicle, pallet mover and dolly dock.

“This combined approach results in less downtime or no downtime at all during transport,” they said.

“The X-Way Mover pushes back the system boundaries and is capable of tackling the entire ULD handling process from landside to airside.”

“Customers with fairly simple application scenarios do not need a high-end solution, which is why the X-Way Mover offers an affordable entry-level price. Depending on customer requirements, the vehicle can be upgraded with various expansion packages. The customer is therefore prepared for any future developments,” explained Michael Röbig, marketing director of Hubtex Maschinenbau.

Pascal Schütz, who works in Sales and Development at Dimos Maschinenbau, added: “The new generation of our vehicle operates with low emissions and is extremely flexible thanks to the all-in-one approach. The X-Way Mover can act as a seamless extension to any kind of terminal or can be used in facilities with varied operating tasks – even in 24/7 operation.”



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