Tower Cold Chain offers Evolution in pharma shipping

Tower Cold Chain Evolution 1600. Image Source: Tower Cold Chain

Passive temperature-controlled container supplier Tower Cold Chain has developed an ultra-lightweight product compatible with US and EU pallets.

The Evolution 1600 Tower Universal Pallet is said to be suitable for all shipping needs, “meeting industry standards for a truly pan-global container”.

As such, Reading, UK-headquartered Tower Cold Chain, said: “It gives the pharmaceutical and life sciences markets unparalleled levels of efficiency and versatility in their cold chain operations.”

It can maintain the temperature integrity of pharmaceutical shipments between -60°C to +20°C and has a runtime of 120 hours without needing electrical power or manual intervention during transit.

In fact, Tower believes, the Evolution 1600 represents “the optimum balance between size, weight and volumetric efficiency”.

Inspired to innovate

Martin Hawes, global head of product development at Tower Cold Chain, remarked: “The Evolution 1600 Tower Universal Pallet has been developed in response to the challenges faced in transporting large volumes of pharmaceuticals and life science products around the world.

“We were inspired to innovate an efficient solution that was not hindered by size, weight, plate or pallet configurations.”

It sets “new standards for the cold chain industry, offering the same robust, reliable and reusable benefits, but with added flexibility, weight efficiency and space utilisation,” Hawes added.

An Evolution 1600 is a quarter of the size of a standard PMC pallet, allowing four of the former to be transported per PMC.

Moreover, “By analysing data from hundreds of thousands of journeys, Tower has reduced the amount of phase-change materials required to maintain a consistent internal temperature – resulting in significant weight savings and more space for product to be packed,” the company insisted.

Removable plates enable flexible and sustainable conditioning, and there is an option to add dry ice for ultra-cold shipments. The Evolution 1600 has double-door access for easy accessibility and safety during loading and unloading.

It has a robust design for product protection and is expected to be good for hundreds of shipments anywhere around the world shipped around the world.

Plus, it has built-in data logging technology that can offer real-time updates of internal temperatures. As such, the company said, “The Evolution 1600 is part of Tower’s digital transformation journey to enhance and streamline customer’s access to data visualisation, analysis and shipping details.”

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