Sponsored: AMI targets growth in key markets

Now is the ideal time to become a customer of Air Menzies International as we look to significantly boost our global network and increase our presence in key global markets, says Air Menzies International CEO Jonathan Clark.

Over the last 20 years, our global network has increased at a steady pace in developed markets. Looking to the future, AMI is firmly focused on expanding our already extensive global network and aiming to rapidly increase our footprint into new territories in 2022 and beyond.

We know that our global network and reach is a massive draw for customers, we already have 23 AMI locations worldwide which gives us a presence in 5 continents, however we need to increase this, particularly in Europe and Asia.

The opening of a branch in Germany is imminent and soon we will be adding a significant number of branches in India and Pakistan, which will give us a substantial footprint in South Asia. The opportunity to invest and tap into the rapid growth of this region is very attractive and will allow us to gradually expand further afield, where we have several other countries in our sight.

The benefit of a bigger global network is evident to our existing customers and one we know is very successful. Working collaboratively between branches in advance of any shipments journey conserves our neutrality and allows for complete visibility of a shipment from origin to destination and this is huge in today’s market.

As well as expanding our global network, we want to significantly invest in our existing facilities. Our global partners are loyal and require us to meet their ever evolving business needs, so they deserve to have facilities that are modern and fit for purpose.

Source: AMI

Plans are already in place to move into new modern premises in several locations and add to our new purpose built facilities in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Manchester and Miami. We put our money where our mouths are and this means constantly getting better at everything we do and investing in our infrastructure to help customers gain a competitive advantage. 

The disruption to the market over the last year or so has shown one thing. You need to be constantly evolving and improving your IT structure and technological capability to meet customer needs.

Customers now expect connectivity to customer systems, BI tools, predictive analytics, automated processes using AI and having systems that can improve productivity. AMI is all over these topics and has recently started the global rollout of a new operating platform in partnership with BluJay.

The new platform, comprised of BluJay’s Transportation Management, Customs Management, and Control Tower applications, will replace AMI’s current operating systems. The move will improve shipment and data visibility.

This will fundamentally change the way we do business and allow us to add on our in-house developed tools that will rationalise and modernise our business in the future. AMI is ready and prepared for whatever the future throws at us.

Our express product Click2Ship, continues to go from strength to strength. We are continuously improving and enhancing this product, particularly the booking platform where we are always looking to improve the customer journey.

Air Menzies International – Brisbane Facility. Source: AMI

Making the booking experience as simple as possible, giving the customer the functionality they require in the simplest form is key. For example, you now have export and import bookings on the same platform, PLT is helping customers save time by simply transmitting accompanying paperwork online, saving on paper and printing costs and faster customs clearance.

Even simple things like the ability to save your senders and consignee details and the ability to upload up to 5 signatures all help to make booking more time efficient. We understand that digital has a key part to play in our future, but we are doing this with the customer firmly in mind. It is our job to make life easier for our customers.

AMI has an exciting future ahead of itself and now is the ideal time to become a customer of AMI, we have the solutions to help businesses reach their potential and explore new markets. Improvement never stops at AMI, every day we are continually striving for better and delivering high levels of service and ensuring customers are front and centre of everything we do.

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