Sponsored: Awery Aviation Software’s double solution for air cargo digitalisation

By Awery Aviation Software

Vitaly Smilients (left), Awery Chief Executive Officer, has 13 years of professional experience in global aviation software projects. Vitaly is an expert in IT solutions, WEB, Rich Internet Applications, ERP Systems, Mobile Platforms and Software Development. Tristan Koch (right), Chief Commercial Officer, Awery Aviation Software, has 20 years experience in aviation and air cargo sectors with British Airways, American Airlines and IAG. Tristan has led large air freight sales teams across the world and managed major restructuring projects and digital transformations. Source: Awery

Awery Aviation Software, the air cargo software development company and IT service provider, is 14 years old and this makes it one of the most established software providers in the logistics and transport sector.

It has nurtured a solid reputation by underpinning innovative and adaptable technical solutions with a balanced leadership team combining IT expertise with airline/GSSA/Forwarder experience to deliver a comprehensive understanding of what its customers need.

Awery software is being used widely across Europe and is now experiencing rapid growth in Asia and the United States.

While continually developing new solutions, Awery offers two main product streams,  the Aviation Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and, CargoBooking.aero.

Awery ERP delivers a real time view of client’s core business activity, automating business and financial processes across internal departments to manage sales, operations, finance, and HR functions on a customisable, web-based platform.

It also provides a powerful CRM which means both an informational database and a source for tactical and strategic planning, integrated mailing/messaging system with advanced templates support.

CargoBooking.aero supports airlines and their General Sales Agents (GSAs) to deliver instant air cargo quoting and booking with Application Programming Interface (API) integration to freight forwarders.

“At Awery we have developed a number of solutions which, from initial concept, have been designed to provide not only core efficient workflow processes for our customers but also, to be fully compatible and easily integrated with other providers’ software,” said Vitaly Smilianets, Chief Executive Officer, Awery Aviation Software.

“One of Awery’s key standout strengths, is its ability to provide cutting edge technology to any organisation regardless of that organisation’s own technological parameters.

“Additionally, we have differentiated ourselves from our competitors by offering our CargoBooking.aero product either as a white label option, where customers apply their own branding and logo to our software, or as technology available on the open cargo marketplace.”




CargoBooking.aero supports airlines and their General Sales Agents (GSAs) to deliver instant air cargo quoting and booking with Application Programming Interface (API) integration to freight forwarders. Source: Awery


Just last year Awery, through CargoBooking.aero, launched a new online tool called eMagic, following on from a challenge from both airlines and GSAs to help manage the ever-increasing load of email communications concerning airfreight quotation and bookings.

“Our research revealed that over 80% of airfreight quotes and bookings are being processed by email as opposed to telephone calls which were dominant pre-COVID,” said Tristan Koch, Chief Commercial Officer, Awery Aviation Software.

“Airlines might receive 100s of emailed inquiries per day demanding huge amounts of manual data interrogation.

“eMagic provides an efficient and complete solution able to digitally convert emailed enquiries in different formats and languages into standard data formats, eliminating the need for manual processing.”

The eMagic tool works by analysing the content of an email to identify the key elements needed for a quote, from customer details to cargo information, including origin, designation, number of pieces, gross weight and piece dimensions, commodity, Special Handling Codes and shipment-ready date.

“This not only creates a considerable resource saving for these airline and GSAs, but also means the integrity of the data is higher resulting in fewer errors in handling and billing etc,” said Koch.

The transport and logistics industry is moving through a period of fundamental change with the adoption of new technology and digitalisation undergoing exponential growth.

“The uptake of this technology is rapid, and we have seen airline long term adoption rates as high as 60% after six weeks of interfacing with the CargoBooking platform and employing eMagic,” said Smilianets.

“The days of suspicion of technology and resistance toward online marketplaces by airlines and GSA’s are over, with such solutions now operating as the main distribution channel.”




eMagic which provides an efficient and complete solution able to digitally convert emailed enquiries in different formats and languages into standard data formats, eliminating the need for manual processing. Source: Awery


Awery’s approach has always been to develop its products to deliver on today’s market demands, providing tailored and complete business cycle solutions with unlimited expansion capabilities.

Full support is offered to Awery customers at every stage, with the single goal of saving time and effort to improve business performance, operational efficiency and boost profitability.

“We think the speed of change will continue and, as part of our ongoing strategy, are prioritising collaboration with other IT providers in connected parts of the supply chain as we look to provide a full supply chain platform from shipper to consignee,” said Smilianets.

Sky Bridge Cargo opts for Awery on digitalisation

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