Sponsored: Can you imagine a single vehicle taking over different tasks in the air cargo sector?

HUBTEX picks up where the manufacturers of standard vehicles leave off - also in the aviation and cargo sector.

HUBTEX supports enterprises as full-range vehicle provider for the aviation and air cargo sector.

HUBTEX vehicles offer numerous options for individualisation and can be seamlessly integrated into the respective logistics or production process.

In recent years, HUBTEX has greatly expanded its portfolio of vehicle solutions for the aviation industry, especially in the airport sector.

The areas of application are found along the handling process of Air Cargo at airports, i.e. the unloading of trucks via storage in the cargo terminal up to the loading of the goods into the aircraft. Furthermore, HUBTEX offers handling solutions, especially for aircraft maintenance. Here Hubtex benefits from its know-how in aircraft assembly.

The intelligent use of fully and semi-automated solutions are key to the resource-efficient manufacturing planning offering significant reductions in production delivery times.

In addition, the use of optional lithium-ion batteries guarantees long operating times at low follow-up energy costs, ensuring maximum productivity and use of the individual solutions.

Find out how to make air cargo transport more efficient.

Handling goods and products as efficiently as possible? No longer a challenge with the X-Way-Mover!

The handling of goods and products at the air cargo terminal is complex: Goods must be transported quickly and safely from A to B.

It is important to meet a wide variety of requirements, be it in terms of weight, transport safety, speed or temperature sensitivity. From unloading the trucks and placing in storage to loading the goods on the aircraft, there are a number of different vehicles carrying out a variety of tasks in the air cargo sector.

But can you imagine a single vehicle taking over the different tasks in the air cargo sector?

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The X-Way Mover combines multiple functions and is therefore able to take over the entire handling process at the terminal.

Handling equipment such as slave pallet movers, truck docks, stackers, dolly docks or transfer vehicles are therefore superfluous and can be replaced by a single vehicle.

Thanks to its modular design, the X-Way Mover can initially be used in its basic form, for example, as a ULD mover, but can be enhanced at any time with additional functions.

The unique HX steering (limitless 360° steering) guarantees optimum manoeuvrability – even in the tightest of spaces.

Moreover, with a loading capacity of up to 14 tonnes and a lifting height of up to 7.5 m, the X-Way Mover can be easily adapted to all relevant applications at the air cargo terminal.

The vehicle is individually configurable and can be adapted to changing operating conditions.

It is therefore not surprising that the vehicle is already in use at well-known airports such as Frankfurt, Stockholm or Dubai and that companies like Boeing, Thyssen Krupp, Airbus and many more rely on it.

With its electric motor and the resulting low carbon footprint as well as the comparatively lower operation and maintenance costs compared to combustion engines, the X-Way Mover is the optimal solution for enterprises that want to take a pioneering role in a more sustainable future.

If you would like to take the opportunity to see the X-Way Mover live, we would be pleased to welcome you at our HUBTEX stand (2820) from November 9 to 12, 2021  in Munich at Inter Airport 2021 – save the date now!

Find out more about the X-Way Mover.

About: HUBTEX – We create the unique

HUBTEX is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the development and production of specialised electric multidirectional sideloaders, order picking solutions and special equipment for handling long, difficult and bulky goods.

HUBTEX vehicles ensure efficient material flow and goods handling in the tightest of spaces at production and retail companies. In dialog with the customer, HUBTEX adapts the vehicles precisely to the conditions of the respective operation or warehouse.

The concepts are characterized by maximum flexibility and multifunctionality. HUBTEX products set new standards in terms of both technology and design. The HUBTEX team consists of engineers and sales experts with over 35 years of industry experience.

The more than 450 employees at our production site located at the heart of Germany work every day to create the unique for our customers. But no matter where you are, thanks to HUBTEX subsidiaries together with sales and service partners in over 60 countries around the world, you will always find the right contact person. Find your local contact person.

For further information, contact our HUBTEX HEADQUARTERS in Germany by phone at (+49) 661 8382 219; email [email protected] ; or visit our website https://www.hubtex.com/en-gb

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