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Handling big and bulky shipments requires the proper infrastructure and know-how. With more than 50 years of experience in this field, bulky and outsized cargo have become part of Cargolux’s day-to-day business and we will always strive to make the impossible possible.

To ensure a fast and safe delivery, airlines need complete dedication to this unconventional type of transportation and customers are quick to identify a professional partner.

Our customers’ peace of mind is our highest priority and Cargolux’s CV jumbo product offers tailor-made solutions to ensure this.

When it comes to handling outsized cargo, the recognition of key requirements for delivering excellence, including shoring and / or lashing to ensure maximum safety for the shipment and our aircraft, is part of the Cargolux DNA.

“Outsized cargo can in principle be transported throughout our extensive network,” says Anju Hurree, Manager Global Product Management.

“We take pride in the tailored support offered by our specialists who accompany our customers from the very start of their inquiry through a feasibility assessment until delivery of the shipment.

“If deemed necessary, these experts will organize a planning and evaluation visit at the customer’s premises to further discuss the project’s needs.

“Our CV jumbo services extend to test loading, dedicated trucking solutions at origin and/or destination as well as loading supervision (on request), to name a few.”


Source: Cargolux


The success of such unique transports goes hand in hand with increased communication between all parties involved at every phase of the defined safe end-to-end process.

This includes our shoring and engineering specialists but also the different external parties such as the ground handling agents and trucking companies.

It is well known that, over time, Cargolux has invested in technological developments to support this unusual business, in addition to the enhanced booking process put in place.

Another unique feature is our single-type fleet comprising 747-400F and 747-8F, a dedicated freighter fleet offering seamless nose door loading capability – the “Queen of the skies” – is also Cargolux’s trademark.

The positive evolution of this special business at Cargolux is highlighted by the trust that our customers and partners have placed in us throughout the years.

Despite a gradual capacity increase in the market, over the past few months the airline has witnessed a steady increase for transporting bulky shipments after a slow down during the COVID period.

“Cargolux is committed to supporting key industries and partners with its expertise and renowned flexibility. Our Products team is looking forward to assisting you further and providing a solution-oriented approach to handle such special shipments,” concludes Hurree.

Cargolux Airlines International
Global Product Management
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