Sponsored: Eltete AirCargoRunners help reduce fuel consumption and emissions

Source: Eltete AirCargoRunners

The air cargo industry is relentlessly striving to reduce its environmental impact, balancing sustainability with the ever-growing demand for fast delivery, fueled by the rapid expansion of e-commerce. This challenge is compounded by optimizing cargo loads, which leads to increased weight, higher fuel consumption, and greater carbon emissions.

A significant transformation is occurring in air cargo with the introduction of the 100% recyclable AirCargoRunner (ACR). This sustainable and innPreview (opens in a new tab)ovative ACR replaces wooden beams on PMC pallets, lifting the cargo and increasing the loading area by 35% while being 80% lighter.

ACR Transforming Air Cargo Sustainability

In an industry where every kilogram counts, when multiplied across thousands of PMC pallets transported daily, the total weight savings with ACR become substantial, leading to lower carbon emissions and operational costs.

According to industry estimates, reducing the weight of cargo by one kilogram can save approximately 0.03 kilograms of fuel per flight hour. With ACR, each cargo pallet significantly cuts down on CO2 emissions—up to 73% less kg CO2 eq produced by jet fuel—marking a significant leap in sustainability efforts.

Unmatched Strength and Cost Efficiency

The ACR is not just lighter; it’s stronger and more cost-effective. As part of the PallRun® product line, protected by a Registered Community design since 2003, ACRs can support up to 10,000 kg of static loading while weighing only 1.17 kg per meter. This robust yet lightweight construction offers unparalleled strength and ease of handling. Remarkably, a 3-meter AirCargoRunner weighs only 3.5 kg, making it manageable by a single person without a forklift, which boosts assembly efficiency on PMC pallets. Additionally, they offer a cost-saving advantage, being up to 50% cheaper than wooden beams.

Source: Eltete AirCargoRunners

A Commitment to the Circular Economy

Beyond its immediate benefits, the ACR is fully recyclable, aligning with Eltete’s 3R principle: Reduce, Replace, Recycle. This approach promotes a circular economy and ensures compliance with the latest PPWR regulations. Additionally, Eltete’s Carbon Emissions Calculator (EcEc) provides customers with crucial insights into the environmental impact of their choices, reinforcing a strong commitment to sustainability.

A Comprehensive Air Cargo Solution

Implementing the ACR alongside Eltete’s AirCargoSolutions—such as AirCargoBox, AirCargoPallets, and AirCargoBoard80 —offers a comprehensive, win-win solution for the air cargo sector. These innovations reduce costs, fuel consumption, and carbon emissions while optimizing loading capacity to meet the urgent demands of global trade.

Leading air cargo companies are adopting our AirCargoRunners, while others are conducting tests to comply with growing sustainability demands. Produced and distributed from strategic locations worldwide, ACRs minimize environmental impact by reducing transportation distances and associated emissions. With Eltete’s AirCargoRunner, the air cargo industry can seamlessly transition to sustainable practices, benefiting both business and the planet.

Source: Eltete AirCargoRunners

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