Sponsored: Middle Eastern airline chooses ITTS as the go-to compliance tool

A leading Middle Eastern airline has chosen ITTS as its leading compliance tool. Read on to find out why and discover the many benefits of ITTS.

The International Trade and Transport Compliance Solution (ITTS) has been selected as the compliance management software for air cargo by a leading airline in the Middle East. This will allow the airline to effectively manage compliance in their air cargo operations, allowing the company to assure the highest possible levels of safety and efficiency. Read on to find out why they think ITTS is the to-go tool to provide valuable support to the airline as they continue to grow and thrive in the incredibly competitive aviation industry.

The industry’s challenge

When it comes to compliance issues, airlines operate in a tricky and dynamic landscape. They have to deal with a complex international trade and transport compliance framework that is characterized by the involvement of several parties in multiple countries. Additionally, they face a multitude of regulations and government agencies that oversee and govern different aspects of the trade and transport process.

Not playing by the rules of international trade and transport compliance can be a costly and painful affair. Non-compliant air cargo organizations risk reputational damage, heavy fines, and in some cases and countries, even potential jail time for employees. Things that you definitely want to avoid, both from a business and personal perspective…

Regulations and more regulations…

Following the success of the Air Cargo Advanced Screening (ACAS) Program in the United States, other nations have taken notice and are now forging ahead with their own cutting-edge programs. Set to take the world by storm from 2023 onwards, the European Union, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and Canada are all stepping up their game by implementing even stricter policies and regulations.

This means air cargo carriers will have to get ready for a new era of air cargo security. “Prosper or perish” is the motto in the aviation industry regarding international transport compliance. Based on several years of experience in logistics, here are a few tips that our customers in the industry have greatly appreciated over the years:

  1. Stay informed. It is essential to stay up to date on the latest compliance regulations and industry standards. Professional organizations, industry publications, and government agencies can give you the necessary input to achieve this.

  2. Develop a culture of continuous compliance. This ensures that all of your employees understand and follow compliance regulations. Training and education programs, as well as clearly defined expectations and consequences for non-compliance, should get the job done.

  3. Invest in technology. Modern technology allows you to automate and streamline compliance processes, making it easier to meet regulatory requirements. Case management, automating data processing, and cargo tracking systems are a couple of wonderful examples.

  4. Regularly review and update policies and procedures. This helps you prevent non-compliance and ensures efficient operations.

What is ITTS  and why does the Middle Eastern airline utilize it?

International Trade and Transport Compliance Solution (ITTS) is a comprehensive software platform. It helps organizations in the aviation industry to achieve their goals and tackle their daily challenges. ITTS allows all involved parties to automatically check international trade and transport transactions for potential compliance issues. It also assists staff members in resolving problematic transactions and establishes an audit trail to demonstrate compliance to regulators.

ITTS is developed by world-renowned researchers and IT experts. Using ITTS allows the Middle Eastern airline to check over 1000 sanction lists, export controls, PEPs, and compliance data every five minutes. ITTS also automatically checks shipments against international regulations and internal policies. The solution can take data from bills of lading, air waybills, customs declarations, and a wide array of other documents. 

ITTS also has the capacity to analyze hundreds of thousands of documents and interconnect information. This enables the system to recognize abnormal or suspicious behavior, giving the airline the opportunity to highlight suspicious incidents or changes in the behavior of freight forwarders, carriers, or shippers. ITTS uses Flint, the latest methodology and open standard developed by one of the world’s leading researchers, TNO. Flint enables government organizations to publish regulations in such a way that humans can comprehend and computers are able to process the information.

More information

Would you like to learn more about how to cope with the increasing compliance regulation with ITTS? Then be sure to download our whitepaper here.

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