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Source: SBD International Airport

Just 60 miles from Los Angeles and centered among major transportation corridors, SBD International Airport (SBD) is located in the heart of a growing metro area that’s home to millions.

Boasting state-of-the art facilities and expansive infrastructure, the world-class airport provides easy access to this highly desirable market.

Its unmatched convenience and competitive cost structure have already made it the choice of cargo giants—and the ideal base of operations for air cargo and supply chain companies seeking to establish or expand their presence in the region.

Evolution into a cargo powerhouse

Building upon the legacy and location left by Norton Air Force Base following its closure in 1994, SBD is an aviation growth story decades in the making.

By forging long-term alliances, leveraging resources, and investing in the infrastructure needed to attract businesses to the region, the once fledgling public airport has been transformed into a major player in US air cargo.

Today, SBD supports daily operations of FedEx, UPS, and Amazon Air—three of the largest express freight carriers in the nation.

“The growth of SBD’s cargo business is evidence of how well the Airport serves as a strategic alternative in Southern California,” says Michael Burrows, the chief executive of SBD. “Transportation and supply chain solutions are what we deliver every day.”

                                                      Source: SBD International Airport

SBD’s advanced facilities and central location enable air cargo companies to fast track deliveries in a highly competitive market.

This has proved to be a winning strategy for both the Airport and its partners.

Boosted by their rapid growth, SBD has experienced triple-digit increases in cargo activity in recent years, and consistently ranks as one of the country’s top airports for cargo growth.

On a national basis, SBD continues to outperform among the 130-140 airports in the US serving all-cargo aircraft, and now ranks in the top 50 in the US.

 The fast track to everywhere

California’s thriving Inland Empire ranks as one of the country’s largest and fastest-growing metro areas.

The diverse region boasts a robust economy in its own right, one which consistently outpaces national average growth rates.

The booming metropolitan area ranks 13th in the country by population size, larger than Detroit, Seattle-Tacoma, and Minneapolis.

SBD’s convenient location makes it easy to reach this rich market with an estimated 4.7m consumers — many of whom live less than 30 minutes from the Airport — and access a vital goods movement corridor with global reach.

SBD offers immediate access to Interstates 10, 210, and 215, the BNSF intermodal rail complex, Roadway and Yellow Freight hubs, and modern warehousing facilities.

On-site US Customs, and the Airport’s facilities include bonded storage and access to a foreign trade zone.

Adjacent to SBD is a thriving 2,000-acre commerce park which is home to a mix of leading companies including members of the Fortune 500.

Expansive infrastructure

SBD’s advanced infrastructure supports daily, large-scale air cargo operations and one-off flights.

                                                      Source: SBD International Airport

Its Group VI runway easily accommodates the world’s largest aircraft, while skilled staff and specialised equipment ensure quick cargo handling and efficient turn times.

Should they be needed, a comprehensive range of aircraft services are available from the Airport’s MRO partners.

  • Strong interstate and warehousing connections

  • The LA Basin’s lowest airport user fees

  • Onsite customs clearance

  • Bonded warehouse accessible airside

  • Secure 1.5-acre cargo facility

  • 10,001 x 200 runway

  • Available concrete aircraft ramp

  • Access to Foreign Trade Zone

 Your strategic alternative

Offering wide-open skies, unmatched convenience, and the utmost in efficiency, SBD International Airport is the easiest way to enter Southern California, whether domestically or internationally — and a strategic alternative for air cargo and supply chain companies to base their operations.

The Airport helps its partners accelerate growth, move goods more efficiently, lower expenses, and has an executive team that is committed to their long term success.

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