Sponsored: The Next Generation propels Qatar Airways Cargo into the future

Source: Qatar Airways Cargo

In response to the emergence of new challenges and in anticipation of future demands, increased digitalisation and an ever-changing environment, Qatar Airways Cargo is launching ‘The Next Generation’, bringing a new vision to the way of doing business.

This renewal is clearly indicated by a special logo in the airline’s corporate colours. The emphasised X in the word NeXt represents a cross that also resembles an arrow pointing to the future.

“The future is in every decision we take – be it in technology, sustainability, diversity, the new generation of employees joining our company, our products and services, and how we approach our business in general.

“Every move we make has consequences, and we consciously endeavour to ensure that it yields the best results for our customers and the regions we serve,” Guillaume Halleux, chief officer cargo at Qatar Airways, stated.

With ‘The Next Generation’, Qatar Airways Cargo sets new standards that combine digital efficiency with a unique and professional human touch. Because “Moved By People” will always be embedded in the carrier’s DNA.

Indeed, Qatar Airways Cargo pools its talents and always strives to ensure the best results for its customers, consciously leveraging the disruption caused by the pandemic, not to create a “new normal”, but to establish a whole new way of doing business.

As such, through ‘The Next Generation’ initiative, Qatar Airways Cargo will be unveiling its much-awaited digital enhancements and new products throughout the remainder of this year. Thus, the coming months promise to be full of exciting news for the world’s leading international air cargo carrier.

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