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Kemal Kirikkanat, founder of Freight Talk

Last year, Zoom had more than 300 million users attending meetings daily. The platform saw significant growth in 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not only Zoom but all online meeting and chat platforms are growing in popularity as business professionals have learned how time and cost-efficient they can be.

Many companies, including Google, have benefited and continue to benefit from Zoom.

Freight Talk can be defined as a cloud-based video conferencing platform that can be used for online meetings and live chats, just like Zoom.

The key feature that differentiates “Freight Talk” from all other platforms is that it focuses on the logistics and transportation industry and brings the players together.

It brings together maritime, aviation, freight forwarders, supply chain, and logistics service providers who want to grow their businesses and reach the right people.

Freight Talk is the embodiment of a ready potential as it is available to you 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Freight forwarders, supply chain, and logistics service providers are specialized intermediaries responsible for ensuring that the products of exporters and importers are delivered to their customers intact, on time, and in the desired quantity.

In this process, which involves international and overseas operations such as “warehousing”, “customs clearance”, “air freight”, “land freight”, “sea freight”, and even “rail freight” expert intermediaries require agents or representatives.

It is not possible for them to set up a business or open an office in every country. They cannot provide their services without business partners who will perform the operation in another country, customs, sea, or airport, or pick up store, and transport the material on their behalf. They are also looking for good business partners!

There are many freight forwarders and logistics companies in the market. Although there are many parameters to consider before working with any of them, it would be appropriate to give priority to their reputation. You can check this by analyzing the websites and social media accounts, as well as testimonials from customers about the services of the company in question.

My recommendation for the most reliable and quickest method is to check the logistics networks, associations, and groups of which they are members.

The current and valid model for building an agent network is that freight forwarders and logistics providers are members of agent networks. These networks allow companies that meet certain criteria and requirements into their organization.

The goal is to attract new business partners, strengthen and expand relationships with existing ones, and handle customers’ products with the right people. An ideal logistics partner should offer many alternatives to the current situation.

Large companies such as Kuehne+Nagel, DHL Global Forwarding, DSV Global Transport, and Logistics, and DB Schenker are preferred, well-known, and alternative service providers.

Membership in agency networks provides a competitive advantage over large companies. Ultimately, an uninformed and unsupported service provider can wreak havoc.

Therefore, it is best to work with a logistics service provider that has a strong global presence, i.e., a network of agents and contacts. A global freight forwarding or logistics company with a strong presence will stand out from its competitors.

To develop your business, you should be able to identify both your current and future needs. It is important that your business partners can provide you with the most appropriate insights.

Are you aiming for global expansion? If so, your logistics partners need to be able to facilitate that growth.

Higher volumes mean lower prices and freight rates. With export and import shipments provided by your foreign business partners, you can reach your goals much faster.

The right logistics partner will not only look after your interests but also help you save money where possible.

Communication at all levels and in all forms is key to the success of a service network. Attending trade shows, summits, conferences, or agency networks to market your products and services, make sales, and promote your business and capabilities means investing thousands of dollars and hours of planning.

It is certainly a business imperative that needs to be done consistently and regularly.

With Freight Talk, you can do all of the above online, anytime. You can add the right people to your service network, and attract new customers and business partners without investing thousands of dollars, without worrying about time and costs, in the safe environment of your home or office.

Freight Talk is a virtual business networking platform where you can hold one-to-one live meetings, presentations, marketing, and sales activities via the Internet with logistics, maritime, aviation, transportation, and freight forwarding professionals.

You can book your place for a free trial account via www.freighttalk.com


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