airfreight rates

Saudi oil attacks set to hit air cargo prices

By Damian Brett

It is “inevitable” that spikes in the price of oil as a result of attacks on Saudi Arabian facilities at…

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Airfreight rates flat line for summer slowdown

Airfreight rates flat lined in July as the air cargo industry entered the quieter summer months. The latest figures from…

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Air cargo rates take a hit in June

The slowdown in global trade is increasingly taking its toll on air cargo freight rates. According to data provider Tac…

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Index firm adds more rate data

Munich-based air cargo information specialist TAC says that its project to totally index the world’s major freight markets is a…

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Tigers teams up with Doozee for instant freight rate quotes

Logistics firm Tigers is the launch customer for an instant freight rate quote engine developed by US-based tech start-up Doozee. The…

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Airfreight rate growth plateaus in February

Airfreight rate growth on major east-west lanes appears to have plateaued in February as the cargo market has had a…

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