Lufthansa Technik

Lufthansa Cargo goes greener with fuel saving technology for B777Fs

By Rebecca Jeffrey

Lufthansa Cargo’s first Boeing B777 freighter modified with a surface technology that helps save fuel and reduce emissions has taken…

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Lufthansa Cargo homes in on fuel reduction through aircraft coating

Lufthansa Cargo will coat its freighter aircraft in a surface film that can reduce fuel consumption. The AeroShark film developed…

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Lufthansa Technik and Airbus develop ‘temporary cargo cabin’ kit for Airbus A330s

By Rachelle Harry

Lufthansa Technik and Airbus have partnered to develop a reversible cargo-in-cabin solution, known as a ‘temporary cargo cabin’, for Airbus…

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VIDEO: Hi Fly strips out A380 seats for cargo flights

By Damian Brett

Hi Fly has become the first aircraft operator to convert an A380 to a cargo-only setup by temporarily removing the…

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A380 finally lands freighter role with LHT modification

By David Kaminski-Morrow - FlightGlobal

German maintenance specialist Lufthansa Technik is working on a conversion for an Airbus A380 as part of its effort to…

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