Alitalia approves cargo tracker

OnAsset Intelligence’s Sentry500 FlightSafe cargo monitoring and tracking device has been approved for carriage on all Alitalia flights. It follows recognition by the European Aviation Safety Agency that the device complies with legislation covering the use and carriage of cargo tracking devices.
Airborne asset tracking specialist OnAsset Intelligence says there is a growing demand for sensor based for life sciences and high value shipments.
It also pointed out that the cargo arm of Eithad, which owns a 49% stake in the Italian carrier, also accepts Sentry.
Chief executive, Adam Crossno, said: “We’ve worked closely with Alitalia to support the approval process. We’re pleased that our mutual customers gain access to Alitalia’s extensive Cargo network. Developments of solutions for the logistics sector are moving at increasing velocity and we’ll continue to work with Alitalia to provide support and insight.”

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