Booking portal launches data insight platform

By Damian Brett

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Airfreight booking platform has released a new data product that aims to help airlines tailor their digital offering to meet customer demand.

The new 360 data and analytics product – which is free to use for the platform’s airline partners – provides a range of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that will help carrier’s to develop their online offering.

Speaking to Air Cargo News, co-founder and managing director Moritz Claussen explained: “We have taken a lot of the airlines from 0 to 1 when it comes to digital and airlines still rely very much on industry data that comes from industry organisations and it is always old by the time they get it.

“As a platform, we are in a leading position to help with that as we see a lot of data from all sides of the market place, so making that available to our partners in a more structured manner is the idea behind 360.”

Simson Demmer, senior director airline products at, added: “It will help airlines make decisions based on not just what they hear or feel but what they can measure.

“More importantly, when they decide to take an action, make a change on inventory, make a change on price, for example, they can actually see rather quickly whether that had the desired affect.”

Demmer said that airlines would be able to monitor KPIs on the platform to see how they are performing against other carriers.

If they are being outperformed, they will then be able to make changes to try and improve.

One example, he said, is monitoring API response times to see whether other carriers’ systems are responding more quickly or slowly to forwarder enquiries. 

Another example of how the data can be used is by seeing how far in advance customers are making bookings.

“Customers have started looking earlier and earlier,” Demmer said. “For example more than 25% of bookings now happen more than five days in advance and that goes a little bit against the traditional cargo spot market where everything happens in the last 48-72 hours.

“When you understand that, as a carrier you can begin to understand what offers you may want to put in place to shift customers in that direction – to be able to have more certainty on how capacity will be managed and ultimately increase utilistion and outcomes.”

Claussen added that having dashboards displaying data will also speed up the decision making process for airlines as they will not need to contact to access the information.

“We have a team of consultants that work with airline partners to help understand gaps, understand the data, understand the market to help airlines’ decision making.

“A lot of the insights we were providing to them are now available in 360 where it is self service and in real time – you don’t have to work with someone at our end anymore.

“It has been a journey of us professionalising what we have been doing and understanding that airlines need to rethink the way they look at these metrics.”

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