CargoTech looks to expand membership

By Damian Brett

Cedric Millet. Copyright: Gilles Dacquin

Air cargo technology group CargoTech is on the lookout for more members as it aims to expand its offering.

Speaking at a press conference at the IATA World Cargo Symposium (WCS), Cedric Millet, president of CargoTech explained that one of CargoTech’s aims is to offer a broad range of services that help digitalise the air cargo industry.

While current members of the group all offer digital or data services, Millet said the next member may offer something a bit different.

“We are always talking to new companies and there are plenty of companies out there, some of which are very interesting,” Millet said. “We are talking to one specific company that could bring value. It is not only about digital solutions, it is also about evolution.

“You can develop the best solutions in the industry but the biggest challenge you have is not the technology, it is to change the way people work.

“It goes beyond the capability to bring new products to the industry and also includes the way we will make people change and adopt the solutions.

“These are aspects that we are thinking about and at some point in time we will need to get a company that has nothing to do with technology.”

CargoTech makes equity investments in its members, which cross-sell products and services and work together to develop new solutions.

Members include booking portal CargoAi, cargo optimisation firm Wiremind Cargo, ECS’s Cargo Digital Factory and data provider/consultant Rotate.

Matt Petot, chief executive of CargoAi, and Wiremind Cargo chief executive Nathanaël de Tarade said they had been working together on using their data to provide more timely market insights.

Meanwhile, Gert-Jan Jansen of CargoTech’s newest member, Rotate, explained why it had decided to become part of the group.

“We are super happy to be part of CargoTech,” he said.

“There were two reasons to join, firstly we appreciate CargoTech’s investment in Rotate and also having a strategic partner that shares the same ambition and vision as we do.

“And secondly, it is having colleagues like CargoAi and Wiremind from whom we can learn a lot and have lots of synergies.”

Jansen, who helped establish WorldACD and worked for Seabury, also provided an overview of Rotate, which was launched earlier this year.

He said the company would focus on the commercial side of the airline industry, developing tools on the fleet and network side of the industry.

This includes tools to aid with scheduling and disruption, sales optimisation solutions, as well as being active in revenue management, dynamic pricing, revenue leakage, air cargo data and training.

VIDEO: IATA’s Henk Mulder on digitalisation in air cargo

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