CCSJ chooses to operate with new CHAMP air cargo platform

By Rachelle Harry

Cargo Community System Japan Co. (CCSJ) operates the only cargo community system in Japan and connects the Japanese air cargo stakeholders to the international aviation community. It is using a new cloud-based air cargo electronic distribution system, provided by CHAMP Cargosystems, which has successfully processed millions of digital transactions from year-to-date.

The CHAMPS platform is the the biggest air cargo community system and it is operated on a state-of-the-art data-exchange and integration platform.

“We are privileged to power the only cargo community system in Japan,” said Arnaud Lambert, CEO at CHAMP Cargosystems. “This stage of technological development and transition to cloud-based systems was the next step of CCSJ’s air cargo mission in driving digitization across the Japanese air cargo community. CHAMP is honored to be a part of it and it strengthens our integral relationship with the Japanese market.”

“CCSJ is pleased with the results,” said Nobuki Onishi, president of CCSJ. “CHAMP has shown to be an effective driver of change in air cargo technology – we are pleased that it has brought CCSJ’s transition to a cloud-based system to a smooth and successful fruition.”

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