CNS and PayCargo collaborate on new US import online payment platform

Cargo Network Services Corp (CNS), an IATA subsidiary, and US-based PayCargo have joined forces to offer the PayCargo-CNS System, a new US import payment option.
CNS offers a range of business offerings designed to meet the requirements of the US air cargo industry (it operates CASS-USA, the US airfreight industry’s first Internet-based billing, invoice presentment and payment service for financial transactions involving carriers and agents, for example), while PayCargo operates a patented online payment system for overnight settlement of invoices between shippers and carriers.
The PayCargo-CNS System is a result of their shared expertise. It is an online payment processing engine for expedited payments at US stations covering Import Service Fees, as well as other additional incidental fees normally collected before an importer can retrieve its cargo from the airport facility.
Importers using the system will be able to make online payments within minutes, and the payment data will be immediately accessible to the airline, thus allowing the importer to pick up their cargo at the airport facility within an hour for a flat fee of $5.00 per transaction.
The airline will actually receive the money from PayCargo-CNS overnight.
According to Eduardo Del Riego, CEO of PayCargo: “With CNS’s longtime relationship with the airlines, and PayCargo’s adoption by the importers to expedite their payments for urgent release of cargo, it was a natural for the two companies to offer an innovative solution to connect the payer and vendor on a real-time payment platform for import shipments.”

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