Cold Chain Technologies launches Koolit Advanced PCM Gel

Cold Chain Technologies (CCT), a Massachusetts-based developer and manufacturer of temperature-sensitive packaging options for the pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare, clinical trial distribution and medical device industries, has officially launched what it says is “the first solid phase change material (PCM) to maintain the integrity of drugs and vaccines during transport”.
Said by CCT to be in early use with some “market-leading pharmaceutical manufacturers”, the new Koolit Advanced PCM Gel is provides uniform thermal payload protection in a flexible, break-resistant gel pack.
“This solution defines the new state-of-the-art for the safe shipment of drugs, vaccines and clinical trials,” declared T J Rizzo, CCT’s senior vice president, global commercial operations.
“Gelled PCM delivers extraordinary temperature control, protection, and efficiency, and it’s been a vision of the pharmaceutical packaging industry for some time,” he added.
Koolit Advanced PCM Gel comes in a solid, uniform pack, thereby providing consistent protection however it is positioned.
Moreover, CCT noted, the solid material and break-resistant packaging “virtually eliminate concerns about leakage”.
Finally, the gel pack benefits from its “modularity” – in other words, it can be used for various package sizes and shapes, and can easily wrap around the corners of a product box.
“For the distribution floor, this means operational simplicity and flexibility. For the manufacturer, this means cost savings, as fewer PCMs and containers are needed,” a CCT statement observed.

TJ Rizzo

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