DuPont appoints le Minor to Tyvek EMEA air cargo role

DuPont Protection Technologies has appointed Yves Le Minor as European business development manager for the Tyvek® air cargo cover range.
Drawing on his experience as part of the Tyvek air cargo team since the beginning of 2014, Le Minor will work alongside his DuPont counterparts in the Americas and Asia to identify and engage with new business partners in the pharma and perishables logistics sectors.
He has been tasked with building on the huge success of the Tyvek air cargo cover range and delivering on an ambitious strategy for continuing growth.
"We are entering a very exciting phase for Tyvek air cargo covers", said Le Minor. "Structural and regulatory changes in the market place have created a growing demand for passive thermal shock protection solutions.”
Tyvek air cargo covers are used for the protection of temperature-sensitive products and provide shippers with the necessary margin of safety when it comes to protecting temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and other products during their long journey from producer to consumer.
Before joining the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) air cargo cover team based out of Luxembourg, Le Minor held senior sales and marketing positions for several Tyvek segments in EMEA, including spells in the company’s automotive and photovoltaic businesses.

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