IBS and PayCargo announce new partnership

By Rachelle Harry

Ashok Rajan, IBS Software (left) and Lionel van der Walt, PayCargo

Air cargo platform IBS Software and digital payment system PayCargo have announced a partnership in which their API-based services will be integrated.

IBS Software’s iCargo airfreight management platform will be integrated with PayCargo’s digital payment network to enable airfreight carriers and cargo ground handling companies to make the payment process digital to reduce manual processes.

By automating payments, the partners said that bottlenecks and wait times at busy terminals would be reduced.

Lionel van der Walt, president and chief executive, Americas, PayCargo, commented: “The integration with IBS Software continues our philosophy of collaborating with industry partners to facilitate the expeditious release of shipments.

“Integration with our airline and ground handler vendors’ operational system partners makes sense as it enables their staff to expedite the release of cargo without the need for accessing multiple systems and automates data flows to save time and avoid costly human errors.”

In a joint statement, the companies referenced the importance of innovative thinking in the supply chain sector, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Social distancing has become part of the global policy to halt the spread of Covid-19, it is clear how unsuitable using cash, checks, vouchers and traditional POS terminals are, and the value and need for contactless processes such as digital payments has become essential,” IBS Software and PayCargo said in their statement, released today.

Van der Walt added: “Covid-19 is expediting digital transformation across the air cargo industry and PayCargo is working with partners such as IBS Software to lead the delivery of meaningful solutions to help the industry weather the storm.”

“Our online payment platform is proving to be valuable to stakeholders as it is helping drive transparency, cost efficiency and boosting operational performance.

“PayCargo is pleased to collaborate with IBS Software to drive such digital change in the air cargo industry. This is much needed and critical to the success of the transformation that is essential to secure the future of the industry.”

Ashok Rajan, senior vice president, and head of cargo and Logistics, IBS Software, said: “The air cargo industry has traditionally been seen as a laggard in the adoption of innovative technology, but this is poised to change significantly. The demand for faster, more reliable and more transparent supply chains is increasing at a pace never seen before and digitalisation is the key to unlocking the huge potential for everyone in the supply chain.” 

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