IBS and WebCargo to partner on digital air cargo bookings

By Damian Brett

Left: Ashok Rajan, IBS Software. Right: Manel Galindo, WebCargo

Online freight booking portal WebCargo and IBS Software are partnering to combine their platforms.

The partnership means that the more than 30 airlines that use IBS Software’s iCargo platform will be able to offer their capacity to freight forwarders on the WebCargo booking portal.

The move means airlines will not need to develop their own digital links with booking platforms, or develop their own booking platforms, if they want to sell capacity online.

“This move represents two air cargo leaders cooperating to help airlines digitise faster by removing the barrier of expensive and lengthy internal developments,” the partners said.

They added that the coronavirus outbreak had increased the need to be able to manage supply chains digitally.

IBS Software iCargo platform is used by 30+ airlines including American Airlines, Etihad Cargo, IAG Cargo, Korean Air, and more.

WebCargo is used on a daily basis for airfreight quoting by 18,000 unique monthly user logins across 1,900 forwarders who collectively run nearly a million air searches every month.

Ashok Rajan, senior vice president and head of cargo and logistics, IBS Software, added: “The digital evolution across the air freight industry is gaining significant momentum and at IBS Software we are convinced that over the next few years it will transform the way we do business.

“Digitalisation in the sales and quotation function facilitated through digital sales channels will bring in greater transparency, improve responsiveness, and bring better value to the end customer.”

Manel Galindo, WebCargo chief executive, said: “35% of all global imports by value arrive by air, yet the vast majority of airlines don’t have automated prices today. WebCargo has been transmitting air cargo rates globally for over a decade, giving us access to the largest network of airline rates in the world.”

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