Nallian speeds dnata’s checks in Brussels

By Chris Lewis

Photo: Nallian

Ground handling agent dnata is using Nallian’s Check-it mobile and web app for pharma, damages, and dangerous goods at its BRUcargo operation in Brussels.

The data sharing specialist said that the app avoids back and forth mailing with customers and other stakeholders, and improves quality and compliance.

Checklists are created in the web platform and users identify shipments by scanning the barcode on the master air waybill or entering the reference number. They are presented with the relevant checklists based on their user profile and whether they are warehouse or office based.

Staff capture all information – including pictures – via the mobile app, on a company mobile device or their own mobile phone. Reports and notifications are generated and sent to customers and stakeholders automatically.

Business unit manager, Johan Rosiers, said: “In the past, one officer did both the warehouse and documentary checks. He needed to walk up and down between the office and warehouse a lot, which was time-consuming and generated unnecessary risks.

“Today we can assign the documentary and warehouse parts of a check to different persons, who can even complete them in parallel. This is much more efficient. Captured information about a shipment is automatically grouped and visible in the app.”

He said also that the system eliminated the risk of using outdated versions of checklists, of missing answers or unreadable comments.

Business information manager, Kristel De Bruyn, commented: “We now provide more evidence than we’re officially required because it’s so easy. For example, we add pictures of the temperature logger. Providing such evidence avoids discussions with customers and other parties involved in the process.

“Information that is captured is automatically mapped against the correct template. It allows us to instantly send a neat report and status update to our customers. All data is available in the web app, which makes it easier for us to look up information if needed.”

Duty manager, Gilles Raes, added: “You can call me lazy, but I enjoy it that the system tells me what to do. It’s hard to make a mistake.

“Also, my handwriting is terrible, so I presume my colleagues are happy they no longer need to decipher it.”

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